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Jul 23 2014
Kayaking Kodiak: Nature Writer Explores the Archipelago
Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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           Kodiak is a well-known hot spot for adventurists and nature enthusiasts, attracting folks from all different walks of life and far corners of the world. One such adventurer traveled from San Francisco this summer to explore parts of the archipelago via kayak.
           California-based writer and explorer Daniel Fox is the founder of the Wild Image Project, a website dedicated to inspiring connections with nature using images, video and written narratives.
            “I consider myself kind of an artist and the wilderness is my studio. And I go out and try to get whatever inspiration from the environment that I explore, and each is usually different. I was for a month in Utah doing photography of bisons or buffalos. So that was one story. And then Alaska last year, and then this one – Kodiak. I wanted to come here and get the sense of it.”   
             Through his photographs and writing, Fox said he tries to bring back teachings from the wilderness.
              “Nature has become this concept – it’s a thing we put on the wall. Everything is cute, everything is wonderful, it’s from the comfort of our office or living room. We watch on TV on the computer and it’s all beautiful. But nature, primarily, is a place that makes you humble. Things are bigger than you. You realize that you are not the master of the world, there are a lot of things that are out of your control and it’s an exercise of humility. And there’s a lot of teachings that you get by spending time in nature. So I try to bring that back through my stories.”
               Fox has been coming to Alaska for two years now, first when he kayaked from Sitka to Hoonah in Southeast and then around Juneau. He said he’s drawn to the state because he feels Alaska has an honest relationship with nature because people live closer to it. This year he came to Kodiak and spent 10 days kayaking to Afognak Island, where he spent time documenting the natural scenery and wildlife.
                Then, Fox spent two weeks kayaking from Pasagshak to Alitak and was able to document old Native villages for the Alutiiq Museum and the Akhiok-Kaguyak Corporation.

Jul 23 2014
Art, Chemistry Classroom Occupancy Delayed
Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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    Though work is reported to be on schedule for the Kodiak High School expansion and renovation project in general, the school board found out Monday night from facilities and operations director Gregg Hacker that two classrooms will not be available for occupancy on time.
    “Our two-hour separation firewall between the old building and the new is fairly critical to occupancy. And the glazing associated with that will not be on-island until October 28th."
    The two classrooms are the chemistry lab and the visual arts studio.
    “Right now we’re opting to keep those folks in place where they’re at, and move in what we can and allow the contractors full access, you know, early winter, to get those new windows and window frames in so we can accept full occupancy.”
    Hacker said once the windows are on-island, it’ll probably take two weeks to install them.
    Recent excavation in front of what will be the school’s new main entrance, near the end of the commons wing, is to accommodate the new, wider entry.
    “We’re looking at three lanes, having a turn lane each way, and of course a center. Much wider, and the corners will sweep. I don’t know how many of you have brought a truck into our parking lot and jumped up over the sidewalk there, but I’ve done it more than once, and this will help a lot. But they had to go quite deep to get some decent fill. So that hole ended up being much deeper than anticipated. In fact some folks were joking about a new pool at one point.”
    Except for the visual arts and chemistry rooms, Hacker reports the contractors are on schedule:
    “Initial start-up occupancy on October 1st, with teacher move-in days on the 9th, 10th and 11th.”
    In addition to the high school project, Hacker said the six-year project for shoring up retaining walls and concrete on the Rezanof side of the Middle School is going well this summer as well.

Jul 23 2014
District Updates Web Site with Features for Staff and Parents
Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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    At Monday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Stewart McDonald reported that the school district’s new web site went live at the end of June.
    “We’re still populating it with content. There are some pages that will have many more things added to it as the year unfolds. I have quite a few pieces just on the superintendent’s page to add.”
    McDonald said the new website will allow more interaction between staff, teachers and parents.
    “What’s important about this new website is we have the ability to do an intranet. Where as our employees log in, eventually as parents will have access to log in. You’ll be able to see aspects of the district from that point of view of however you interact with the district. So it’s becoming a very functional tool for us.”
    McDonald said Destiny Fitzgerald worked with the school district to construct the web site. Its address is KIBSD.org.

Jul 22 2014
ITN Staff, Volunteers Take to Tugidak
Tuesday, 22 July 2014

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           Clean up on the archipelago’s remote Tugidak Island is now underway. This is the second and final year of Kodiak Island Trails Network’s project to remove marine debris from the island, which is southwest of the southern tip of Kodiak Island. 
           Tom Pogson is the director of marine programs for Island Trails Network, or ITN, and has been on Tugidak for about two weeks now. He contacted KMXT via satellite phone and said so far this year’s clean up is going well.     
            “We decided that there was enough debris in the area that we cleaned last year and we re-cleaned that area in almost less than half the time and we’re now I think starting the second day of clean up into the new area.”   
            Last year ITN collected 130 super sacks worth of marine debris on Tugidak and Pogson said this summer they already have 65 bags after only seven days of clean up. The crew spent the first week on the island setting up camp and making sure everything was in working order, and last week volunteers and members of the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge’s Youth Conservation Corps made the trip south to participate in the first wave of debris removal.
             Pogson said the weather so far has been incredible, with only two days of rain in the past two weeks. On Friday a new group of volunteers left for the island, where Pogson said they’ll face a few different habitats and terrains that need cleaning.

Jul 22 2014
Talk of the Rock: Isle Bells
Tuesday, 22 July 2014

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           Today on Talk of the Rock, we'll hear from members of the handbell group, Isle Bells. Two ringers, Artistic Director Ella Saltonstall and Treasurer Theresa Miller, recently returned from Oregon where they performed in a regional all start choir. 

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