Soap Box Derby Champs Going To Buckeye State Next Month


Mary Donaldson/KMXT

The winners of the Kodiak Soap Box Derby are heading to Ohio next month to race in the 71st All-American Soap Box Derby. As it turns out, one winner, who placed second last year, almost didn’t enter into this year’s race. Mary Donaldson has more.

An 11-year-old boy, Jay-Ar Small, is the winner of the super stock division of Kodiak Soap Box Derby that was held on Saturday on Baranof Street. Small says the two years he has been entered in the race, have been last minute decisions. His mother Jocelyn says her son did not originally plan to be in the race last year.

(Small 1 :25s “…just for last minute.”)

She says this year’s circumstances for the race were very similar.

(Small 2 :27s “…he’s champion.”)

Though Jay-Ar was shy in speaking about the race, he did say who his toughest competitor was.

(Small 3 :02s “…Kersh.”)

Kersh was Small’s competition in the final race where he won the victory crown.

Nine-year-old Michael Parnell will be joining Small in Ohio, since he finished first in the stock division last weekend. This was his first time in the race. He says he can’t wait to go to Ohio for the first time.

(Parnell 1 :04s “…very excited!”)

Parnell says he is most excited to be covered by the media while in Ohio.

(Parnell 3 :13s “…on ESPN.”)

He also says he has been fundraising for his hotel and other expenses not covered by the Lions Club.

He really wanted to thank all of the businesses in town for all of their support so far.

(Parnell 2 :17s “…of money now.”)

Both Small and Parnell will be leaving next month for the 71st annual All-American Soap Box Derby held in Akron, Ohio. Parnell will be racing the stock division for racers ages 8 to 13 years old, and Small will be racing in the Super Stock division for racers ages 10 to 17 years old.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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