Assembly Candidate Profile: Brent Watkins

Brent Watkins. Jone Suleski

Mitch Borden/KMXT

There are eight people running for the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly this year. To help our listeners get to know the candidates, KMXT will be airing profiles of them every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to the election. KMXT sat down with Brent Watkins to discuss why he wants to be on the borough assembly.


Brent Watkins, originally, planned to come to Kodiak for a three-week vacation to see family, but 30 years later, he’s still here. He’s done a lot around town over the years. Right now, he’s working on opening a bed and breakfast with his wife, and picks up an assortment of jobs around town.

“I’m kind of the old guy that shows up and helps people with their boats and their gear sheds and stuff like that.”

One thing he’d like to pursue as a member of the assembly, is creating more affordable housing.

“We need to get on the ball with opening up more land to make it affordable so that the young people can come here, buy a home, start a family, and stay here.”

Another issue that’s never far from his mind is protecting Kodiak’s water. Watkin’s believes the assembly has the power to help preserve this important resource.

“We can help to safeguard salmon habitats and access to the fisheries. That’s kind of my biggest lynch pin is clean water.”

In the past, Watkins says he served on local municipal boards including the borough’s Planning and Zoning Commission. He’s also run for a seat in the Alaska State House of Representatives.

Watkins says he’s dedicated to serving his community and that’s why he wants to be on the borough assembly.

Borden: “And so if someone walked up to you and asked you why should I vote for you, what would you say?”

Watkins: “Because I will stop what I’m doing at any time to listen to what you have to say. It doesn’t have to be the issue on my mind I want to know what you think.”

But he won’t just listen, Watkins says he’ll be honest about his beliefs as well.

“I’ll tell you what I think. Which not everybody wants to hear, but if you ask me I’ll tell you. I’m not going to try to pull your leg or blow smoke for you. “

The election for the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will be held on October 3rd. You can vote at your local polling place.


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