Bear sighted around town

Kayla Desroches/KMXT

Residents have recently turned to Facebook to report sightings of one particular bear.

Sergeant Todd Mountain from the Alaska Wildlife Troopers says they’ve taken note of those posts.

“He’s been wandering around a lot down in the Harry Neilsen, Spruce Cape area down by the Navy SEAL base and up into Rasmussen’s and even down into Cut Off here, and we certainly know about him, and we do keep tabs on him.”

According to Mountain, the troopers have received calls about of a few different bears.

“I think this one here is probably a 3-year-old. I think we had a larger bear in town for a little bit, and we have not seen that bear for a little while. This is the one I would say for the last week or so has been the predominant one roaming around.”

He says the troopers hope the bear will leave town on its own.

“I think the biggest factor here is what kind of easy meal he can find. If he can find easy meals – garbage, anything left out after deer hunts, stuff like that – if he’s finding easy stuff, he could stay up for a while.”

Mountain says he’s seen bears get into trash, barbecue grills, and bird feeders. He says people should do their best to keep their areas clean and free of temptation. He also advises pedestrians make noise to warn off the bears and carry a bright flashlight.

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