EVOS Tax Planning Vital

Erik Wander/KMXT In September, Senators Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens of Alaska won Senate approval of legislation that gave plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case the ability to increase retirement contributions and provide them tax relief. Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Jerome Selby, who is also an enrolled tax agent to practice before the IRS, offered tax advice during ... Read More »

Morning Jet to Kodiak Grounded After Icy Landing

Jay Barrett/KMXT The morning Alaska Airlines jet into Kodiak Tuesday was grounded after the pilots maxed out the engines trying to get it stopped on the extremely icy runway. Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Caroline Boren in Seattle said the flight crew found the runway was far slipperier than the airport had led them to expect. The airport is on the Kodiak ... Read More »

50th Anniversary Statehood Quilt Includes Kodiak Square


Jay Barrett/KMXT Two Kodiak women participated in the 50th Anniversary Statehood Quilt project organized by the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau. Cathy Quinn of the Salvation Army and Sue Byers designed and completed the Kodiak square in a couple weeks of part time work. Their square was selected, along with 55 others from around the state, out of 147 that ... Read More »

Tax Season Tips

Erik Wander/KMXT Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Jerome Selby, who is also an enrolled tax agent to practice before the IRS, presented his recommendations for preparing tax returns at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s Monday luncheon held at the Kodiak Inn. Selby went over the complicated new tax regulations resulting from President Bush’s October Economic Rescue Bill, and provided advice on ... Read More »

Crab Fest Logo Competition Kicks Off

Jay Barrett/KMXT Kodiak artists have two week from today to submit their design for the 51st Crab Fest logo. As the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s Pam Foreman tells KMXT’s Jay Barrett, the judges will be looking for a shout-out to the state of Alaska’s 50th anniversary as well. Read More »

Assembly Plans for Coming Year

Erik Wander/KMXT On Saturday morning, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly met to discuss its strategic plan for the coming fiscal year. The strategies are modified annually and used as a foundation for the design and implementation of the Kodiak Island Borough’s annual budget. Read More »

Bears Resume Play After Holiday Break

Jay Barrett/KMXT It was a mixed bag of results for the Kodiak High School Bears basketball teams over the weekend. The girls started the Golden Heart Tournament in Fairbanks on Thursday with a first round loss to Lathrop 37-to-29, but came back on Friday to beat West Valley 38-36. On Saturday it took triple overtime, but the Lady Bears outlasted ... Read More »

Thursday’s Snow Easily Handled by City Road Crews

Erik Wander/KMXT Thursday’s blizzard in Kodiak dumped only about six inches of snow, but it was enough to keep city snow removal crews busy throughout the night and early this morning. Chris Lund is a City of Kodiak Public Works maintenance supervisor. He said large-scale snow removal operations require a great deal of preparation on the part of the city. ... Read More »

Salvaging the American Way


The F/V American Way. USCG Photo Jay Barrett/KMXT The salvage of the fishing vessel "American Way" has begun. The Coast Guard is reporting that the Unalaska- based salvage vessel "Redeemer" arrived at Aghiyuk Island at 1 a.m. this (Thursday) morning to begin an assessment of the situation. The American Way was intentionally grounded by its two-man crew on Sunday afternoon ... Read More »

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