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Kodiak to Hold Women’s March


Kayla Desroches/KMXT A D.C.-based march for women’s rights has gone global and inspired people around the world to organize similar events, one of which will take place in Kodiak. The Women’s March comes during a time of transition for the United States government and will take place the day after inauguration. It’s a positive step forward and also a unifying ... Read More »

City Addresses Constitutional Concerns in Management of Transient Population Downtown


Kayla Desroches/KMXT The city has run into a roadblock in managing the transient population downtown, especially in the mall area, where business owners have complained of aggressive behavior or harassment. The city council passed an ordinance last year aimed at regulating that behavior. It implemented fines and other consequences for activities like loitering, obstruction of pedestrians or cars, and panhandling. ... Read More »

Talk of the Rock: Women’s March


Kodiak will be on one of the locations in Alaska to hold a women’s march the day after inauguration. It’ll be one of the “sister marches” of the D.C. based Women’s March on Washington. On this week’s Talk of the Rock, local organizers join to talk about the non-partisan, all-inclusive event, and how they hope it will set a positive ... Read More »

Board of Fisheries Holds Meeting in Kodiak


Kayla Desroches/KMXT The Board of Fisheries wrapped up its meeting in Kodiak last week. The board puts out an open call for suggested regulatory changes in any fishery and region. One proposal it received would have allowed fishermen to harvest a certain number of bairdi crab in the Bering Sea despite the low threshold of mature female crab. Glenn Haight ... Read More »

Ice Makes Kodiak Commutes Treacherous


Kayla Desroches/KMXT Icy conditions in Kodiak can make for a slippery ride home or, worse, a detour off the road. Sergeant Cornelius Sims with the Alaska State Troopers says temperatures rose last week and then dropped, which turned all the melting snow back into ice. “Plus then we had a dusting of snow after that. and then we had more ... Read More »

Refuge Moves Madsen Bear Indoors

Madsen bear loaded onto crane. Photo courtesy of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

Madsen bear loaded onto crane. Photo courtesy of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Kayla Desroches/KMXT Kodiak’s Madsen bear is on the move again. Unlike real bears of the fur and flesh variety, the fiberglass animal doesn’t bare up well against the wind, rain, and – just recently – the snow. Last week, city staff and Brechan Enterprises moved the 60-year-old statue ... Read More »

City Sets Fee Increase for Kodiak Harbors


Kayla Desroches/KMXT At long last the Kodiak City Council has settled on a five-year rate structure for Kodiak’s harbors and will move forward with a fee increase. Back in 2012, the council hired Northern Economics to conduct a harbor rates study, which they chose not to use because of a need for more information. In February 2016, Northern Economics did ... Read More »

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