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New Spirit of Cooperation among local Fire/EMS departments

Jay Barrett/KMXT After years of animosity, which culminated in threats of assault charges between emergency responders, it appears two fire departments have found new common ground. According to Borough Manager Rick Gifford, the city of Kodiak Fire Department is now allowing Bayside Volunteer Fire Department EMTs to ride along on emergency calls in city ambulances. Read More »

Austerman Increases Lead Over Lundquist

Jay Barrett/KMXT The race to replace Gabrielle LeDoux as the District 36 Representative in the State House has gotten a little less close. Republican Alan Austerman has increased his lead over Democrat Andy Lundquist, as some of the nearly 2,000 outstanding ballots were counted Wednesday. While Lundquist added 662 to his total, Austerman picked up 967 votes, a net gain ... Read More »

Loans Approved for Water, Sewer Upgrades

Jay Barrett/KMXT Keeping Kodiak’s water clean was the purpose behind a pair of resolutions the city council recently passed, authorizing borrowing about 11-million-dollars from the state of Alaska. Up to 930-thousand dollars could be borrowed for the travel lift boat yard wash down area, and 3-point-75-million for water and sewer replacement projects, but the largest chunk could be borrowed for ... Read More »

Colleagues Will Miss Freed

Jay Barrett/KMXT Kodiak City Manager Linda Freed announced her impending retirement last week. After Thursday’s city council meeting, KMXT’s Jay Barrett gathered some thoughts from those who’ve worked with her the longest: Mayor Carolyn Floyd, council members Tom Walters, Josie Rosales, and Gabrielle Saravia, and City Clerk Debbie Marlar. Freed gave six-months notice. The council will start the replacement process ... Read More »

More Votes to be Counted in Dist. 36 Race

Jay Barrett/KMXT There are now even more votes left to count in the District 36 State House race between Alan Austerman and Andy Lundquist. The Alaska Division of Elections announced this afternoon that there are 565 Questioned Ballots in the close election. Added to the absentee votes still waiting to be counted, and there are 1,946 outstanding votes. That is ... Read More »

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