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The (Fireworks) Show Must Go On

Jay Barrett/KMXT Kodiak residents get one more chance to see a professional aerial fireworks display this year. Dense fog postponed, and then cancelled the Independence Day display on July 4th, with low clouds and rain cancelling the display on Labor Day weekend. Now, organizers are going to try again on New Year’s Eve. Mark and Diana Holt, who set off ... Read More »

Four Men Seek Kodiak Judgeship

Jay Barrett/KMXT Four men, including two from Kodiak, are seeking appointment to the Superior Court judgeship here. The advancement of Joel Bolger to the Alaska Court of Appeals earlier this year created the vacancy. They are Steve Cole, who is currently the Kodiak court magistrate; Stephen Wallace, the current Kodiak District Attorney; Robert Owens, an assistant municipal attorney in Anchorage; ... Read More »

High Winds Wreak Havoc Today


Several large spruce were ripped from the ground by the wind on Woodland Drive this morning, with one leaning against this home. Photo by Fred Hawley/KMXT Erik Wander/KMXT The National Weather Service in Anchorage has issued a high wind warning to remain in effect until 5 p.m. today. The Kodiak Harbormaster’s office is reporting that due to high winds, several ... Read More »

Kodiak Birders a Hardy Breed

Jay Barrett/KMXT 2008birdcount 396.13 Kb Birds in Kodiak are a hardy breed, but so are those who go looking for them. Last Saturday, during a pretty stormy day, 77 folks participated in the 36th consecutive Kodiak Christmas Bird Count, sponsored by the Audubon Society. For years, Kodiak has been the hot spot in the state for the bird count, averaging ... Read More »

Kodiak Man Selected for Young Alaskans Gathering

Erik Wander/KMXT The Conference of Young Alaskans, a University of Alaska project honoring Alaska’s 50th anniversary of statehood will be meeting early in the new year. The conference was designed to promote discussion among young Alaskans from big cities and small communities from across the state. Included among the 2009 conference delegates is one member of the Kodiak community. KMXT’s ... Read More »

Senator-Elect Begich Confers with Mayors

Erik Wander/KMXT In a teleconference Monday, Senator-elect Mark Begich met with 30 mayors and other city leaders from across Alaska, asking them to submit project priority lists that are ready to commence within 120 days, as Congress develops a national economic stimulus package. Read More »

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