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Brewery Debuts Baranov Bicentennial


Brewery guys Mike Trussell (left) and Ben Millstein (middle), along with Kodiak Historical Society Executive Director Katie Oliver, celebrate the release of the Baranov Bicentennial Russian Imperial Stout. Proceeds from the sale of the beverage will go toward restoration of the Russian American Magazin, the 200-year-old National Historic Landmark that currently houses the historical society’s Baranov Museum. (Photo by Casey ... Read More »

Bees In Alaska

Mary Donaldson/KMXT There is lots of buzz about bees these days. Some areas of the nation are worried that nature’s little pollinators are dwindling, which affects crop production. Mary Donaldson investigates how bee populations in Alaska are doing. Read More »

Kodiak Top 5 on World Cafe

Kodiak’s own Betsy Lund made an appearance on Friday’s World Cafe. If you missed it, here’s the audio of her talking Kodiak with David Dye and the 5 songs she picked to play for a national audience. Read More »

State Won’t Intervene In Exxon Interest Decision

Casey Kelly/KMXT Three state lawmakers went on record this week saying the State of Alaska should file an amicus brief with the U-S Supreme Court, urging the court to order Exxon Mobil to pay interest on the 507.5 million dollar punitive damages judgment justices handed down last month in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case. KMXT’s Casey Kelly has more. Read More »

Group Looks To Clean Up Elections

Jay Barrett/KMXT With the growing number of past and present legislators getting caught up in the federal government’s dragnet of political corruption in Alaska, the “Clean Election” concept is gaining steam around the state. Tim June is the chairman of Alaskans for Clean Elections, the grassroots organization that has an initiative on the primary election ballot in August, which would ... Read More »

Fireworks Rescheduled For August 31

Jay Barrett/KMXT Because of the torrential rain and fog that plagued the city of Kodiak on and about the Fourth of July, the annual fireworks show was postponed twice, and ultimately cancelled. But now word comes from City Hall that a new date has been set for the display. Read More »

All Star Boys Playing In Anchorage

{audio}/mages/stories/mp3/080717.littleleagueanchupdate.mp3″] Mary Donaldson/KMXT The 11 and 12 year old Little League all star boys are one and one in the district one double elimination tournament in Anchorage. Read More »

Control Problems Cause Power Outage

Mary Donaldson/KMXT Residents in the Monashka Bay and Dark Lake areas were left without power for about 15 minutes this morning. At about 7-o-7 this morning, the Terror Lake Unit two generator experienced control problems which caused it to go offline. Nancy Sweeney, Kodiak Electric Association’s communications specialist says that in order to balance the electric system, some circuits around ... Read More »

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