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All Star Boys Playing In Anchorage

{audio}/mages/stories/mp3/080717.littleleagueanchupdate.mp3″] Mary Donaldson/KMXT The 11 and 12 year old Little League all star boys are one and one in the district one double elimination tournament in Anchorage. Read More »

Control Problems Cause Power Outage

Mary Donaldson/KMXT Residents in the Monashka Bay and Dark Lake areas were left without power for about 15 minutes this morning. At about 7-o-7 this morning, the Terror Lake Unit two generator experienced control problems which caused it to go offline. Nancy Sweeney, Kodiak Electric Association’s communications specialist says that in order to balance the electric system, some circuits around ... Read More »

Kodiak Still Amongst Top Fishing Ports

Casey Kelly/KMXT Kodiak is once again amongst the top fishing ports in the nation, both in terms of tons of fish landed and the value of the catch. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released its annual list of the top fishing ports today (Thursday). For 2007, Kodiak ranked fourth in the nation for landings with about 320 million pounds ... Read More »

Surfing At Your Service

Mary Donaldson/KMXT A twenty-three-year-old Kodiak man wants to put Kodiak surfing on the map, while also offering surfing supplies and services. Mary Donaldson has more. Read More »

New Offices To Be Built On Near Island

Mary Donaldson/KMXT The Rasmusen Foundation, a private organization that supports nonprofits statewide, recently awarded 11 point-nine million dollars to businesses across the state. One of the recipients was Kodiak Area Native Association, which will use the money to build on Near Island. Mary Donaldson has more. Read More »

Launch Safety Zones Established

With a launch expected from Narrow Cape as early as Saturday, the U.S. Coast Guard has laid out the coordinates for a maritime safety zone around the launch complex and in the splashdown areas to the south. The safety zone will go into effect on Friday, and last through Monday, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. each ... Read More »

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