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Dodgeball Anyone?


Mary Donaldson/KMXT Driving down Mission Road in Kodiak is almost like playing a game of dodge ball, except you aren’t dodging a ball, you’re dodging potholes. Kodiak motorists have been dealing with the growing potholes for years now, and some wonder if anything will ever be done to fix the problem. Mary Donaldson has more. The condition of Mission Road ... Read More »

Peace Cup Banquet Tonight

Jay Barrett/KMXT The results are in for the Kodiak Peace Cup King Salmon Derby, and the awards ceremony and banquet will be held this evening. The top prize will go to Billy Boyce, a Washington angler, who reeled in a 65-point-4-pound king salmon. Two other Evergreen State fishermen were in second and third. Darryl Jensen hooked a chinook just one ... Read More »


Mary Donaldson/KMXT The issue of noisy fowl within Kodiak city limits is still an issue for some residents living in the Aleutian Homes area. Mary Donaldson has more. Read More »

It’s Pronounced “Two-Bob Crew”

Jay Barrett/KMXT On Saturday, KMXT will present live in concert Toubab Krewe at the Fairgrounds, along with special guests, the Kodiak Island Drummers. Toubab Krewe is a five-member band from North Carolina that fuses West African rhythms with American musical styles. Afro-Pop World Wide’s tongue-in-cheek description of their genre is “Afro-Cowboy-Ninja-Surf” music. Jay Barrett spoke with one of the band’s ... Read More »

Bugs Do Dirty Work


Mary Donaldson/KMXT There is a business in Kodiak that has a unique method to prepare hunters’ big game trophies. The company, which has 50-thousand workers, would be the island’s largest employer by far, if the owner actually paid them. Mary Donaldson has more. (Nat Sound Intro:04s“…fades out.”) That’s the sound of thousands of workers toiling away at Ken Hanson’s side ... Read More »

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