Dog Eared Reads

KPLAFetching Books & Tales by the Kodiak Public Library Association (KPLA)


A monthly radio show for book-lovers, featuring 3 segments:


  • Beyond the Cover presents interviews with library-loving personalities.  Authors joining us at the library for events or book signings are often featured, or we work with the Kodiak Arts Council to highlight interviews from bands or individuals visiting to perform.
  • Community ROAR (Rave Over Amazing Reads) gives the people of Kodiak a chance to share book reviews of some of the great stories they have read recently.
  • On Lively LibChats the librarian and library assistants of the Kodiak Public Library bring you upcoming events, as well as tips and services that the Library offers.

Dog Eared Reads Episode 2

Dog Eared Reads: Fetching Books & Tales by the KPLA Beyond the Cover Feature: Thomas Lauderdale, frontman and creator of the band PINK MARTINI.  Thomas speaks with us about his upcoming show at the Gerald C Wilson Auditorium on Wednesday, September 16th at 7pm.  We also discuss with him his favorite book, what is on his bookshelf at home, upcoming authors and poets, and his opinion ... Read More »

Dog Eared Reads Episode 1

Beyond the Cover Feature: Sandor Katz, fermentation revivalist and author of The Art of Fermentation (2012) & Wild Fermentation (2003).  Sandor speaks about his upcoming talk/workshop at the Kodiak Public Library on July 31, focusing on the importance of fermented foods in our diet and in our culture.  Sandor explains exactly what fermentation is, how many different types of fermented foods we ... Read More »

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