Get Involved

Get Involved

The purpose of this campaign is to educate and inform the Kodiak community about how to reduce energy consumption, recycle resources and products and reuse rather than discard materials.

Load another sustainability fact

In the United States alone, we use 12 million barrels of oil each year just to make disposable plastic bags. Did you know that taking a reusable bag shopping with you can potentially eliminate an average of 1,000 disposable plastic bags over its lifetime? Bringing our own grocery bags to the store will help save the 100,000 marine mammals that die annually from mistaking plastic bags for food or from choking on them.

Zoya Saltonstall and A Balanced Approach support the use of re-usable shopping bags.

It’s easy to get involved. We are looking for individuals, organizations and businesses who would be interested in writing, producing and/or underwriting sustainability messages.

$120 Minimum Buy-In TEN 30 – 60 Second EPSA’s
“Sustainability” Enhanced Public Service Announcements sell for $12 each. Due to production costs, a minimum purchase of 10 EPSA’s is required of each participant but any number can be underwritten. Each message will appear over a familiar music bed that listeners will associate with the campaign.

$500 Buy-In FIFTY 30 – 60 Second EPSA’s
Participants buying 50 or more spots will receive a discount of $2 per EPSA. Messages will be broadcast randomly throughout the day (placement at KMXT’s discretion) for a period of up to one year. Sponsors will be recognized on a rotating basis.

To become an underwriter or for more information contact Fred Hawley or Mike Murray at 486-3181. or

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