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Symposium Highlights Citizen Science


Kayla Desroches/KMXT A science symposium today through Friday brings with it talks on a number of coastal research topics, including how community members can keep such studies going strong through participation in the research itself. The Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium covers regional projects and collects the lectures under thematic sessions: Changing Ecosystems, Habitat and Process, Dynamic Methods, Community and ... Read More »

Talk of the Rock: Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium


On today’s Talk of the Rock, host Kayla Desroches leads a science-themed show with Sea Grant’s Julie Matweyou talking about the multi-day Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium. Also joining are ecologist Julia Parrish, Alaska Sea Grant Director Paula Cullenberg, and Robyn Cassidy, who’s organizing the Science March on Saturday. Read More »

Science Symposium Brings With It Talk on Warming Oceans


Kayla Desroches/KMXT Warming ocean conditions may be killing off seabirds and affecting fish populations, and it’s unlikely to change without intervention. That’s part of what University of Alaska Fairbanks Professor Russ Hopcroft will talk about for his lecture at the upcoming Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium. Hopcroft and his project partners study the northern Gulf of Alaska. He says in ... Read More »

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