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The Alaska Fisheries Report – ‘Son of Blob’ Found Near Homer


Coming up this week, the Sitka Tribe would like to see changes to how herring are managed, part of The Blob, let’s call it “Blob Jr.,” had some significant effects on Kachemak Bay, and how Fish and Game is coping with ongoing budget cuts in the face of the state’s fiscal situation. We had vital contributions this week from KCAW’s ... Read More »

The Alaska Fisheries Report


Coming up this week, biologist are optimistic about Lower Cook Inlet’s salmon prospects this summer; meanwhile, the board of fish is meeting in Anchorage to address Upper Cook Inlet finfish issues, also known as “The Fish Wars.” A couple of legislators are trying to remove a gag order on Board of Fish members when a conflict of interest comes before ... Read More »

Consultant Recommends Keeping Close Eye on Salmon Genetic Study

The Kodiak Joint Fisheries Working Group held a two-plus hour meeting Thursday morning to hear several reports, including one about a possible intercept fishery around Kodiak of Upper Cook Inlet salmon. A genetic study indicating such an intercept was presented at the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting in Kodiak this winter, and will be presented again at the board’s Cook ... Read More »

The Alaska Fisheries Report 11-13 August 2016

Old and New AFR Logos

Brian Mattson, with the 396 pound halibut caught near Petersburg. (photo/Abbey Collins) Coming up this week, we find out how the humpies are running in Southeast, a Sitka chef will represented Alaska in the annual national seafood cook-off, and it may not have been the biggest halibut ever, but if you had a barn that needed a door, the halibut they ... Read More »

Pinks Surging as Kodiak Area Harvest Clears 2-Million

Salmon continue to swim into Kodiak area fishermens’ nets at a brisk pace. On Sunday, nearly 131,000 more fish were added to the season total, bringing the all-species catch to-date, according to Fish and Game numbers, up to 2,228,173. Pink salmon are being caught in ever-increasing amounts, with over 73,000 harvested on Sunday, bringing the season total to just over ... Read More »

Meeting with Alitak Fishermen Announced by ADF&G

In a note to Alitak District fishermen, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Westward Region research staff announced a public meeting for Thursday to discuss ongoing salmon research, current issues, and potential research plans in Olga Bay watersheds. The meeting will take place at Trap Point on Thursday, June 23, at 1 p.m. To promote attendance by all interested ... Read More »

Harvest Nears Quarter-Million in Young Salmon Season

Kodiak salmon fishermen have delivered just about a quarter million fish so far in this young season, according to Fish and Game’s daily in-season harvest summary. With Sunday and Monday’s deliveries, the all-species catch stands at 248,737. Nearly 38,000 red salmon came over the rails on Sunday and another 13,000 on Monday, boosting the sockeye salmon total to over 176,000. ... Read More »

The Alaska Fisheries Report 16 June 2016

Coming up this week, progress may or may not have been made on gulf of Alaska trawl bycatch at the North Pacific Council’s meeting in Kodiak; there’s some new competition for in the Bristol Bay salmon marketplace, and one processor says it’ll announce weekly what it’ll pay its fishermen. Thanks to KMXT’s Kayla Desroches in Kodiak, and KDLG’s Molly Dischner ... Read More »

Pinks Make Their First Push

Jay Barrett/KMXT Fishing picked up appreciably Wednesday in the Kodiak Management Area. After a sub-5,000 catch day on Tuesday, fishermen delivered 31,235 fish on Wednesday. According to Fish and Game figures, the harvest to-date of all five salmon species stands at 117,146. Pink salmon saw their first big push on Wednesday, with 2,167 humpies delivered, bringing the season catch total ... Read More »

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