Ads Ask ‘Had Enough? Vote Democrat’


If you’re one of those people who scour the classified in the newspaper then you’ve seen the 8- to 10-line ads in the “Attention” column asking if you’ve had enough with the status quo, and if so, suggesting you vote for a Democrat this year. Jay Barrett has the story behind those ads:

The ads started showing up in the Kodiak Daily Mirror some months ago, first placed by Dick Ross, who is active with the local Democrats. But in recent months Tom and Arlene Simpler have taken over while Ross has been on vacation.

(1 active with dems 41 sec “… what wacko was putting those in the paper.”)

Simpler said he’s gotten quite a bit of positive feedback from the ads, and, so far, no negative comments:

(2 no complaints 13 sec “… some notoriety and some not.”)

The general gist for many of the ads is “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

(3 quotes 13 sec “… dug up in different places.”)

Simpler says one of his favorite quotes so far ran last week.

(4 last quote 14 sec “… essentially what the quote is.”)

The quote was “History is replete with examples of empires mounting impressive military campaigns on the cusp of their impending economic collapse.” It’s by Eric Alterman, an English professor in New York, and author of “Why We’re Liberals.”

All the ads end with, “Had enough? Vote Democrat in 2008.”

Simpler says he is not doing the ads on behalf of the party or for any candidate:

(5 cost 21 sec “… maybe we’ll get a few votes that way.”)

Alaska is a solidly red state, and has been for years, but Simpler says he remembers the days before it was difficult to be a Democrat in Alaska:

(6 alaska dems 35 sec “… we’re going to see a little bit of a change.”)

This week’s quote, which ran yesterday and will repeat in Friday’s Mirror, is by California Congresswoman Barbara Lee. It is: “I was struck by what one of the clergy said: ‘As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.’”

I’m Jay Barrett.

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