City Council Approves Contract For Mill Bay Paving


Casey Kelly/KMXT

The Kodiak City Council Thursday authorized a 2-point-3 million dollar contract with Brechan Enterprises for replacement paving on Mill Bay Road and pavement patching on other city streets.

City Manager Linda Freed says Mill Bay needs work done immediately, or paving the street is going to become not only expensive, but burdensome too.

(Mill Bay Paving 1 :20s “…performance of the road.”)

Because it is working on other projects, such as the Aleutian Homes Phase II utility work, Brechan is only promising the city that it will complete half of the Mill Bay work this summer. Freed says the company will identify which areas need the most work, and do as much of it as weather permits. A lot of the patch paving still needs to be identified, so Freed says if residents have a favorite pot hole that needs fixing, they should let the city know about it.

(Mill Bay Paving 2 :13s “…and prioritize them.”)

The city council unanimously passed the paving ordinance, but Councilman Charlie Davidson warned that the city is starting to feel the pinch of less state money for road projects.

(Mill Bay Paving 3 :25s “…for a lot of this.”)

Councilman Tom Walters said it’s already coming out of our pockets.

(Mill Bay Paving 4 :31s “…coming out of our pocket.”)

The full length of Mill Bay was milled two inches and repaved in 2001. Selected areas were patched in the summer of 2006.


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