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A team of local filmmakers is getting set to film their second feature length movie. KMXT’s Casey Kelly sat down with the director of “How To Survive” and has this report.

Ronald Jackson is one of the founders and creative forces behind Kiliuda Rock, a local production company that has made a handful of short films and one feature over the last couple years. Kiliuda’s latest project is tension filled feature called “How To Survive,” which was written and will be directed by Jackson. The story features four characters stranded in a remote part of Kodiak Island after their charter plane fails to come pick them up from a camping trip.

(Jackson 1 :29s “…with each other accordingly.”)

Jackson and his filmmaking partners are just finishing casting for the film. They’re working on agreements with the four principles, which will most likely be up-and-coming actors from Los Angeles and other parts of the country, some of whom Jackson says have experience on TV shows like CSI and NCIS. He says most of the people that auditioned were really excited about the opportunity to work on a project in Kodiak.

(Jackson 2 :25s “…amped about the project.”)

During location scouting for “How To Survive,” Jackson found that most of the project could be filmed in the area behind Kodiak’s Bells Flats neighborhood.

(Jackson 3 :16s “…and lunches and everything.”)

This will be the second feature length project for Jackson and Kiliuda Rock. Last year, they released the horror film “Cope,” which was filmed in 2004. That project got national DVD distribution through Amazon, Netflix and Blockbuster, but Jackson says they’re hoping for bigger things with “How To Survive.”

(Jackson 4 :22s “…audience a little more this time.”)

Besides Jackson, Kiliuda’s staff includes Robert Wagner, Dave Jackson, Sam Booch and Rachel Whiddon. While the five of them are able to do most of the things required to make a film, they’re asking for a little help to flesh out their crew. He says they’re looking for volunteers to help them do everything from holding boom mics, fix costumes, and generally just be around to do the little things that need to be done on set. While he says they can’t pay anyone for their time, the experience should be unique and a lot of fun.

(Jackson 5 :29s “…and it’s a really exciting process.”)

Filming for “How To Survive” is set to begin in July. You can find out more, including how to become a member of the volunteer crew at Kiliuda Rock’s website, Kiliuda, K-I-L-I-U-D-A, Rock dot COM.

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