Trekkers Reach Chignik Lagoon

Mary Donaldson/KMXT


Nearly one-year-ago, two trekkers began a 4,000 mile long journey from Seattle, Washington, en route to False Pass in the Aleutian Islands. Now in Chignik Lagoon, Erin McKittrick and her husband Bretwood “Hig” Higwood are close to the end of their trip. Mary Donaldson has more.

Twenty-eight year-old Erin McKittrick and thirty-year-old “Hig” Higwood left their home in Seattle, Washington on June 9th of last year to begin an estimated 13-month long trek across the North Pacific Rim. Their goal is to take in the sights of Alaska, while attempting to explore key environmental issues pertaining to the state.

Hig, who had literally just finished graduate school hours before their trek began, explains how this trip came about.

(Trek 1 :25s “…while I was finishing up grad school.”)

He says that one of their main goals is to find the truth in environmental issues that affect the state of Alaska.

(Trek 2 :43s “…what are the relevant importances.”)

Walking through all of the terrain and the seasons Alaska possesses, the pair have had scary encounters with the wild.

(Trek 3 :45s “…very large wildlife.”)

McKittrick says the Alaskan hospitality is what has touched her the most throughout this journey.

(Trek 4 :26s “…all the people we’ve met.”)

The couple are now about 350 days into their journey with roughly 500 miles left to go before they reach their final destination of False Pass. Covering about 15 miles per day, they will be arriving near the end of June.

Before this trek, Higwood was a PhD student finishing his dissertation in geology. McKittrick has a Masters in Molecular Biology, and has been self-employed, with a small business with friends making glass jewelry and was busy planning and preparing for this trip.

After their trek is over, Higwood and McKittrick plan on sharing what they learned through public talks, and planning other projects of similar nature to explore their environmental issues further. Erin will be writing a book about their journey. Their blog can be found at www-dot-groundtruthtrekking-dot-o-r-g, and includes many photographs of the spectacular scenery they’ve encountered.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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