Filing Deadline Close for Nonprofits


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Nonprofits in Kodiak are excited about a new way to bring in funding for their organizations. As KMXT reported last week, Permanent Fund Dividend applicants will be able to donate part of their annual check from the state to the nonprofit organization of their choice. Mary Donaldson has this update:

With a new law recently signed by the governor, organizations only have a short time to start applying to be listed in the 2008 Permanent Fund Dividend application that will be distributed in January. The updated application will give PFD recipients the option to donate part of their dividend to their favorite charity, as long as the organization meets the qualifications to be listed.

Pat Branson, the executive director for the Senior Citizens of Kodiak, says the new law is an exciting opportunity for all nonprofits. She says it’s getting harder to make ends meet.

(Branson 1 :31s “…make that contribution.”)

She says because of skyrocketing costs, her organization is fundraising year round.

Rick Pillans, the executive program director from Threshold Services, says the state is on the right track in looking for new ways to help nonprofits. He says that where the economy and cost of fuel is right now, it is hard to get people to donate to nonprofits.

Kris Jez is the director of public relations for Hope Community Resources in Anchorage and says this is another way Alaskans can help out.

(Jez 1 :38s “…in an easy manner.”)

The additional money from the PFD donations would help nonprofit organizations continue to offer their services to the general public who may be struggling to get by because of rising living costs.

Jenny Ragland, the public relations director for the Salvation Army in Anchorage says her organization is also applying to be on the PFD donations list.

(Ragland :23s “…excited about this new opportunity”)

Interested nonprofit organizations have less than 2 weeks to apply to be listed on the 2008 PFD application. The deadline is June 16th .

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