Island Lake Boating Season Underway


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The motorized boating season on Kodiak’s Island Lake opened last week. After months of back and forth last fall, the borough assembly worked out a compromise that gave motorboat and jet ski users three days a week to enjoy the small lake surrounded by homes on Kodiak’s north side.

Barbara Williams was in her last weeks on the assembly when she brought up the complaints residents of the area had regarding the noisy watercraft. She said motorboaters showed up as if on cue when the four-month season began:

(Island Lake 1 51 sec “… a half an hour, and then they left.”)

Williams said those were the only two times motorized watercraft have been used on the lake so far, with no one using it yet on one of the designated days. She said despite the beautiful weather on Tuesday afternoon and evening, no motorboaters were out.

The compromise with the small but passionate motorboat community gives them access to the lake from noon to 8 p.m. on the three days they’re allowed on the 40-acre lake.

(Island Lake 2 18 sec “… no motorized watercraft are allowed.”)

The motorboat schedule is posted on a tree near the launching area. It also includes the phone number at the borough office to lodge complaints against those who violate the compromise. Restrictions include no wake within 100 feet of shore or in the lake arms, and only one watercraft allowed on the water at a time. Unlike the deal hammered out over a decade ago, the new rules have the force of law, with fines that range from 100-dollars for a first offense to $300 for repeated offenses.


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