Alutiiq Heritage Foundation Annual Meeting


Mary Donaldson/KMXT

The Alutiiq Heritage Foundation held its annual meeting yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. It has been a successful year for the foundation, which runs through Kodiak’s Alutiiq Museum. One of the foundation’s main goals is to bring exhibits, educational outreach, special events and scholarly presentations for the public to enjoy.

Sven Haakanson, the museum’s executive director says that this past year has been outstanding.

(Alutiiq 1 :21s “…an amazing year.”)

The Rasmusen Foundation awarded the museum a one million dollar grant, while Haakensen also received a fellowship from the MacArthur Foundation for 500 thousand dollars. The biggest achievement for the foundation though, was bringing the Like a Face Exhibit to Kodiak.

(Alutiiq 2 :25s “…think they can or can’t do.”)

For this upcoming year, Haakanson hopes to be teaching classes around the island.

(Alutiiq 3 :22s “…late 1800’s.”)

The museum also has a project which discovered over 700 different petroglyphs near the village of Akhiok. A book is planned to document the findings. A rare halibut hook was added to the museum’s permanent collection, and is one of four of its kind.

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