City Passes Wish List For State Capital Project Funding


Casey Kelly/KMXT
In an effort to attract more funding, the Kodiak City Council has passed its 2009 state capital improvement projects list a month earlier than last year. KMXT’s Casey Kelly has more.

The list is prioritized to reflect the projects that the council feels are most important to the community. Councilman Tom Walters read from it at Thursday night’s city council meeting, highlighting a few of the projects the council would like to receive money for. He said the number one item on the city’s wish list is a 3.8-million dollar request to help pay for a 9-million dollar UV water treatment facility that’s required by the federal government because the city’s drinking water comes from an open water system.

(Walters 1 :24s “…a UV water treatment.”)

The second and third projects will be a part of the new Kodiak police station and jail project, which the city has had trouble raising funds for.

(Walters 2 :29s “…for another 1.35-million.”)

Other requests include 720-thousand for water and sewer work as part of the ongoing Aleutian Homes utility projects, 5-million for a new public library, 3-million for Baranof Park improvements, 15-million for Mission Road safety improvements, and 6-million dollars for road and utility improvements in the Leite Addition subdivision, which is south of Mission Road.

Councilman Jack Maker said while the city is requesting over 40-million dollars from the state, a good portion of the funds for the projects will have to come out of city coffers.

(Maker 1 :46s “…before we do get through.”)

In the past two years the council has made an effort to pass its CIP lists earlier in the fiscal year to better take advantage of state and federal funding cycles. There’s no word on when the city council will pass its 2009 federal capital projects funding requests.

I’m Casey Kelly.


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