Critics Trash Draft Solid Waste Plan


Jay Barrett/KMXT
The draft solid waste master plan prepared by Bell and Associates for the Kodiak Island Borough is getting mixed reviews. Critics are saying it is not the comprehensive plan they were expecting, while supporters say it lays out clear options for the borough’s solid waste collection and disposal.

Nick Troxell owns a metal recycling lot in Bell’s Flats. He thinks a plan prepared locally a year and a half ago was superior:

(Trash 1 35 sec “… superior to Bell’s in all respects.”)

Troxell asked why the option of privatization was not considered in the Bell report:

(Trash 2 37 sec “… have a chance at running this enterprise.”)

Assemblyman Tom Abell also criticized the report, saying he’d like to see some privatization as well:

(Trash 3 28 sec “… because they thought it was better.”)

He said he’d like the assembly to move slowly with a solid waste plan, and would like to explore ways of disposing of the borough’s trash in ways that he said were skimmed over in Bell’s report:

(Trash 4 23 sec “… slow and make a wise decisions.”)

Not everyone was disappointed in the plan, however. Assemblywoman Chris Lynch, who served on the Solid Waste Advisory Board, was supportive:

(Trash 5 21 sec “… continue the momentum that started with that.”)

The Draft Solid Waste Management Plan is available on the Kodiak Island Borough web site, and a link can be found by clicking on this story on our web site, KMXT dot org.

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