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Driving down Mission Road in Kodiak is almost like playing a game of dodge ball, except you aren’t dodging a ball, you’re dodging potholes. Kodiak motorists have been dealing with the growing potholes for years now, and some wonder if anything will ever be done to fix the problem. Mary Donaldson has more.

The condition of Mission Road has been deteriorating for many years. Motorists either deal with the potholes, or avoid the road all together. The problem area begins as soon as you pass city limits heading towards Spruce Cape Road. It lies in a no-man’s land outside the city limits and a road service area. It is the state’s responsibility to maintain, and does not have any improvements scheduled for this year.

Dr. Bob Johnson lives in the area on Spruce Haven Road. He says Mission could be easily maintained.

(Johnson 2:30s“…to exert themselves.”)

Some motorists avoid traveling down the bad part of Mission all together, like Sarah Kennedy. She lives in the area, and says it is easier for her to avoid the trouble spot, which is easier on her pocketbook.

(Kennedy 1:22s“…started avoiding it.”)

David Blacketer works at the Salvation Army and sees a lot of traffic pass by everyday. He says he’s surprised vehicles can survive traveling down the pot-hole-filled road.

(Blacketer 1:21s“…left on their car.”)

The state Department of Transportation has good news and bad news concerning the problems on Mission Road. Although no work will be done to the road right now, Roger Wetherell, the chief communications officer for the DOT, says it is in the budget for the current fiscal year.

(Wetherell 1:26s“…for those who use it.”)

Johnson says for now, he has been keeping a positive outlook while driving down Mission Road.

(Johnson 1:36s“…and it’s fun.”)

The improvements are not scheduled to begin until after the project goes out to bid, which has not happened yet.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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