Launch Safety Zones Established

With a launch expected from Narrow Cape as early as Saturday, the U.S. Coast Guard has laid out the coordinates for a maritime safety zone around the launch complex and in the splashdown areas to the south.
The safety zone will go into effect on Friday, and last through Monday, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. each day, or until cancelled.
The hazardous impact areas are the points where the booster rockets are expected to splashdown. The nearest is about 90 miles southeast of Kodiak Island, with two others 100 miles southwest of Dehlinger Seamount and 75 miles west of Erben Tablemount. Mariners are strongly urged to avoid the areas.
There are criminal and civil penalties for violating the safety zones, with fines of up to 32-thousand dollars.

The Safety Zone includes all navigable waters contained within the area bordered by the following points: 57 deg. 29.8′ north, 152 deg. 17.0′ west, 57 deg. 21.1′ north, 152 deg. 11.2′ west, 57 deg. 19.9′ north, 152 deg. 14.2′ west, 57deg. 25.4′ north and 152 deg. 28.2′ west.

The hazard area is defined by the points 56.5 degrees north, 151.3 degrees west, 55.95 degrees north, 150.65 degrees west, 56.05 degrees north, 150.35 degrees west, 56.6 degrees north and 151.0 degrees west.

The second stage hazard area is defined by points 41.15 degrees north, 138.35 degrees west, 39.5 degrees north, 137.45 degrees west, 39.5 degrees north, 136.85 degrees west, 41.15 degrees north and 137.75 degrees west.

The third stage hazard area is defined by points 33.25 degrees north, 135.0 degrees west, 30.9 degrees north, 133.75 degrees west, 30.9 degrees north, 133.0 degrees west, 33.25 degrees north and 134.25 degrees west.

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