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Jay Barrett/KMXT

Though the indictment of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens yesterday on corruption charges has been expected since his Girdwood chalet was raided one year ago, it still came as a shock when it actually happened. KMXT’s Jay Barrett has more.

Reaction from local politicians to Sen. Ted Stevens’ indictment had a common thread to them – that it’s a sad day for all of Alaska.

Kodiak City Mayor Carolyn Floyd had not heard of the indictment when KMXT called for comment Tuesday morning:

(Reax 1 Carolyn 1 18 sec “… a sad, a sad news item.”)

Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens, no relation to the U.S. Senator, said the financial impact on Alaska would be great, and we could be in for tough times ahead:

(Reax 2 Gary 1 34 sec “… very difficult time for us right now, I think.”)

There’s not a corner of Alaska without Ted Stevens’ stamp on it, and Kodiak is no different. Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Jerome Selby pointed out that it was Ted Stevens who was responsible for creating the Kodiak Coast Guard Base – now the largest in the nation – when it was scheduled to be mothballed after the U.S. Navy pulled out:

(Reax 3 Jerome 1 25 sec “… this base modernized and up to snuff.”)

But that same largess has cast a pall over the earmarks that Stevens is famous for, earning him the scorn of pundits from both the left and the right in the Lower 48. Mimi Rosen is the vice-chair of the District 36 Democrats in Kodiak. She says Alaskans bear some of the blame for creating that climate by turning a blind eye to how Alaska’s politicians operated as long as they brought home the pork:

(Reax 4 Mimi 1 34 sec “… it has leapt up and bit us.”)

Kodiak Representative Gabrielle LeDoux, reached in Anchorage, said the culture of corruption in Washington DC is why she’s running for U.S. House:

(Reax 5 Gabrielle 1 16 sec “… trying to change the way things are done.”)

Local Democratic Party Chair Dick Ross said the indictment could bode well for Ted Stevens’ opponents in the primary, and for the Democrats in November if Stevens makes it to the general election.

Kodiak’s Gary Stevens said we’ll just have to wait and see how the indictment of Alaska’s senior senator will affect the upcoming primary election, in which Ted Stevens is facing six challengers.

(Reax 6 Gary 2 12 sec “… react to that very strongly I think.”)

Senator Ted Stevens’ campaign office said he would not drop out of the re-election race. The senator said in a written statement that he is innocent of charges that he filed false financial disclosure forms to hide gifts given him by Bill Allen of Veco Corporation.

I’m Jay Barrett.


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