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The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will be considering the appropriation of 3-thousand dollars for a public information campaign this fall to get the word out about a ballot measure that would limit the amount of financial information a borough official or candidate for office would have to disclose. Jay Barrett has more:

The ballot measure known as Proposition One would turn back the clock on financial disclosure forms in the Kodiak Island Borough and exempt officials from having to file the new – and some say more intrusive –forms required by the state.

Borough Clerk Nova Javier explains:

(Financial 1 27 sec “… amendments to Alaska statutes.”)

The state forms will require new candidates and sitting office holders in the borough, including the mayor, the assembly, the school board, Planning and Zoning Commission and the borough manager, to disclose business interests and all income over 1-thousand dollars. And not just their own finances, but those of their spouses, dependent children and non-dependent children living at home.

Those opposed to the new requirements say that not only is the amount of information required too personal, but the fact that it is posted on the state’s web site opens them up to identity theft. It could also put businesses owned by an official at a competitive disadvantage, as their client information will be listed as well.

Javier says the exemption from filing the new forms must be approved by the voters of the Kodiak Island Borough. She says a similar ballot measure failed once before:

(Financial 2 23 sec “… disclosure in the clerk’s office.”)

Javier speculated that not enough information was provided to the public about why it’s important to have an exemption to the state disclosure forms:

(Financial 3 25 sec “… the pros and cons of this proposition.”)

To that end, the assembly will vote August 7th on spending 3-thousand dollars on ads and a pamphlet about Proposition 1. Javier says the campaign will be informational in nature, without taking sides, even though assembly members probably could advocate one way or another:

(Financial 4 8 sec “… information out to the public.”)

Several communities around the state have taken up similar propositions since the state law went into effect, including the city of Kenai. The city of Kodiak opted out in 1976.

If the voters in the October 7th Municipal Election pass Proposition One, candidates and sitting officials will return to filling out the old disclosure form, and filing them with the borough clerk’s office, instead of the state.

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