Public Testimony For Energy Cost Relief Thursday


Mary Donaldson/KMXT

With Alaska’s gas prices officially the highest in the nation, the need for some sort of relief for citizens is being discussed in the legislative session. Mary Donaldson has more.

Governor Sarah Palin’s proposal to give every qualified Alaskan 12-hundred dollars for energy cost relief was talked about this (Tuesday) morning during the special legislative session in Juneau. The relief is intended to help residents pay for heating fuel and gasoline as the costs for them are continually rising.

Kodiak Representative Gabrielle LeDoux is co-chair to community and regional affairs committee, and says that the need for this short term relief is essential.

Though this is a short term fix, she describes this bill as a “necessary bandage to help bleeding Alaskans.”

(LeDoux :44s “…in the here and now.”)

She says as far as fuel relief for fishermen, the plans will have to incorporate a more long term solution in order to make a difference.

(LeDoux 2 :23s “…impact on fishermen.”)

She says the bill was introduced today (Tuesday) and public testimony will be taken in Anchorage Thursday. Those interested in commenting, but are not able to be in Anchorage can take part in a conference call at the Kodiak Legislative Information Office from 4 to 6 p.m. Further input will be taken in Juneau next Tuesday, and the bill will then be heard in front of the finance committee before it goes to the house floor.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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