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A twenty-three-year-old Kodiak man wants to put Kodiak surfing on the map, while also offering surfing supplies and services. Mary Donaldson has more.

Newer business owner Ryan Murdock has opened up a one of a kind surf shop in Kodiak. His business, Murdock Service Company is rightfully named, as he also provides appliance and HVAC services that are subcontracted through his father’s business, Alpha Appliance Repair. What’s new in the last two weeks is he is now offering surf board rentals and lessons. He says he is an avid surfer himself, and that’s what inclined him to offer these services. But he says he’s also interested in the networking aspect that the business can bring for surfers.

(Murdock 1 :28s “…crisis that we’re in.”)

Being economical isn’t such a bad idea with gas prices currently at nearly 5 dollars per gallon, and the good surfing beaches some 40 odd miles out on Kodiak’s road system. The laid back businessman says it’s more about sharing with enthusiasts like him, than about profits.

(Murdock 2 :24s “…barter system.”)

He says business so far has been interesting, as it hasn’t gone in the direction he thought it would when he opened a few weeks ago.

(Murdock 3 :26s “…I’m here for.”)

Murdock painted his own business sign and says he also likes to dabble in art and music. He says he is open to the idea of producing t-shirts one day since his customers have shown interest in it. He also says he would like to put Kodiak surfing on the map by putting together a surfing video, to showcase what draws people to the island’s waves.

(Murdock 4 :20s “…in the world”)

Murdock’s says anybody can stop by his shop located at 3272 Mill Bay Road for surf board rentals, lessons or to just collaborate with him on anything. He says renting a surfboard is just 20 dollars a day, while lessons run around 75 dollars a day.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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