Heating Oil Prices Bring Concerns For Upcoming Winter


Mary Donaldson/KMXT

The continual rise in home heating fuel is causing concern for some Kodiak residents for this coming winter, especially for low and fixed income families. Mary Donaldson has more.

In August of 2007, the average price of heating fuel from North Pacific Fuel in Kodiak was about 2 dollars and 97 cents per gallon. Today, the average price per gallon ranges from four eighty two, to five-thirteen per gallon according to a spokesperson for the company. That’s an increase of 2 dollars and 16 cents for some, which is and increase of almost 100 percent compared to the same time a year ago.

Pat Branson, the director of the Kodiak Senior Center, says she sees firsthand the trouble rising fuel costs are creating.

(Branson 1 :21s “…and certainly statewide.”)

She says she regularly receives calls from fixed income residents looking for help with their rising electric and fuel bills. However, there is assistance available in town for residents seeking extra help with their bills.

(Hawver 1 :24s “…that’s overdue.”)

That was Monte Hawver of the Kodiak Brother Francis Shelter. He says the program is financed through grants and federal assistance and provides monetary assistance.

(Hawver 2 :15s “…and electric these days.”)

Marcella Dillon is a fixed-income resident and says she cuts back on her travel so she can afford her fuel bill.

(Dillion 1 :23s “…to pay my oil bill.”)

She says her fuel bill has more than doubled since last summer. In July 2007 she paid 2 hundred thirty two dollars to have her tank filled, compared to the 5 hundred seven dollars she paid last month.

Hawver says the energy rebate being decided upon right now by the state legislature would be very beneficial to Alaska residents for this upcoming winter. The bill will help with the escalating electricity and fuel costs if passed, and as Hawver notes, is needed at this time.

(Hawver 4 :31s “…in their own home.”)

Voting on the energy rebate bill was set for yesterday, but the legislature has until Thursday to make the decision.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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