Kids Enjoy New Playground Equipment On Selief


Last Thursday was a perfect day for kids around Kodiak’s Selief Lane to enjoy the new playground equipment on the street (Photo by Casey Kelly/KMXT).


Casey Kelly/KMXT
There are few better ways to spend a nice summer day than hanging out at the playground, climbing up the ladders, sliding down the slides, and swinging on the monkey bars. KMXT’s Casey Kelly recently visited the newest playground in Kodiak and has this report.

(Story starts with Nat Sound)

The brand new playground on Selief Lane opened to kids July 29th. Since then its popularity has exceeded the expectations of just about everyone, including City of Kodiak Parks and Recreation Director Ian Fulp.

(Fulp 1 :19s “…badly we needed to do this.”)

The city’s Parks and Rec advisory board chose the design of the new playground, and all of the equipment was installed by the city’s Parks and Rec department. It includes such playground standards as monkey bars and swings. But the centerpiece is a tall play structure with three slides—two short ones and a long one—just like the equipment it replaced. Fulp says that was important to advisory board members.

(Fulp 2 :16s “…incorporated into the new one.”)

And for kids of the 21st century there’s one piece of equipment that their parents’ playgrounds probably didn’t feature: a fiberglass rock-climbing wall.

(Fulp 3 :02s “…a big rock and it’s six feet tall.”)

Since 1999, the city has been slowly but surely replacing all six playgrounds that it operates. So far they’ve done five and they have one more to go. Fulp says safety is one of the main reasons for the replacement projects.

(Fulp 4 :19s “…come a long way since the ‘80s.”)

At 3:00 last Thursday afternoon there were about 20 kids enjoying the playground. So I had to find out, what’s their favorite part?

(Playground vox pop :38s “…the monkey bars, cuz they’re fun.”)

The playground is open 24-7 and is located across the street from the Alderwood Townhouses on Selief.

I’m Casey Kelly.

(Nat sound fades)


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