Kodiak Featured In National Ad Campaign


petal-vaseline.jpgPetal Ruch poses before a map of her friends in Kodiak who she’s recomm- ending Vaseline lotion to. (Mary Donaldson photo)

Mary Donaldson/KMXT

Vaseline brand lotion has chosen Kodiak as the main location to produce an ad campaign for its new clinical strength product. One local resident will be the star of the campaign, which will also include many more Kodiak residents. KMXT’s Mary Donaldson has more.

Stacy Bright is the Senior Communications Marketing Manager for Unilever, the makers of Vaseline. Their new product is the intensive rescue clinical therapy skin protectant body lotion that can be bought over the counter, without a doctor’s prescription. She says choosing Kodiak as the location to begin their latest advertising campaign was easy since it is a tight-knit community, where word of mouth travels fast.

(Vaseline 1 :34s “…launch or new Vaseline campaign.”)

Kodiak resident Petal Ruch (Roosh) is going to be the star in the ad campaign. Bright says Ruch was chosen because she seemed to embody many of the characteristics of a Kodiak person, and had the need for their new product. Ruch says she just found out her role in the campaign on Thursday.

(Vaseline 2 :14s “…to be in the Vaseline Campaign.”)

She says all she had to do was try the new product, and if she liked it, to tell someone else to try it. She says she can’t put a number on how many recommendations she’s made, but that she had many friends and family members trying the product.

(Vaseline 3 :18s “…through the whole community.”)

Bright says their camera crews are shooting many different locations around Kodiak for commercials due out this fall.

(Vaseline 4 :21s “…experience the entire town ourselves.”)

Ruch says having cameras following her around has been kind of fun. Her longest day of filming was 13 hours.

(Vaseline 5 :22s “…it’s been a lot of fun.”)

She says taking part in the campaign has been a wonderful experience, and kind of surreal.

(Vaseline 6 :30s “…to see Kodiak.”)

Bright says the commercials should be on national television by October, with other types of ads going up on Vaseline’s website, which will include short video clips, pictures and audio all to promote their latest product. Vaseline hopes to have the whole country recommending the lotion to their friend and family to help the campaign kick off.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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