Mix Up Delays Arrival Of English Election Pamphlets


Casey Kelly/KMXT
The state Division of Elections is working to fix a problem with election pamphlets mailed to Kodiak voters recently. Due to an apparent mix up at the printers, no English language pamphlets were printed, only Tagolog.

Shelly Growden is a spokeswoman for the Division of Elections.

(Election Pamphlets 1 :15s “…an English version of the pamphlet.”)

The pamphlets contain information on the four statewide ballot initiatives facing Alaska voters in the August 26 primary election. They don’t have any information on the candidates running in primary races.

(Election Pamphlets 2 :08s “…information on the ballot measures.”)

Growden says the mix up first came to the department’s attention through a voter in Kodiak who called, wondering why the only pamphlet they got was in Tagolog.

(Election Pamphlets 2 :16s “…after the English pamphlet.”)

Growden expects the English pamphlets to be in voters’ mailboxes sometime next week. In the meantime, you can find the election pamphlet in both English and Tagolog at the division’s website, www.elections.alaska.gov.


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