Willow Street Construction Close To Completion


Mary Donaldson/KMXT

Part two of the Willow Street construction project is just one of many areas of town that have been undergoing maintenance work this summer, and is scheduled to be done this fall. Mary Donaldson has more.

Construction work began on the lower half of Willow Street this spring, after the uppper half received maintenance and new pavement two years ago.

Howard Weston, the city engineer says the current project is aimed to update several areas on the street.

(Weston 1 :26s “…and new pavement.”)

He says on Friday they began flushing the waterline and will begin more work on waterlines and storm drains starting this week.

(Weston 2 :25s “…soon after that”)

He says widening the sidewalks by one foot make them more pedestrian friendly, while also meeting suggested standards from the Americans with Disabilities Act.

(Weston 3 :19s “….the current standard.”)

He says residents in the neighborhood have been very patient with all of the construction work this season.

(Weston 4 :19s “…on their street.”)

Weston says that if construction work stays on schedule, everything will be done by October, including the rebuilding of Willow resident’s sidewalks, stairs or fences that were disturbed by the widening of the sidewalk. He says to date, the project has remained on its 3-million, 269-thousand dollar budget.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


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