Zoning Issues In Larsen Bay


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In September, the planning and zoning commission for the Kodiak Island Borough will be hosting their second special meeting this year in Larsen Bay to address zoning issues of several lots in the community. Mary Donaldson has more.

The first meeting in May postponed any decisions to rezone some residential lots to commercial lots in order to allow more information to be gathered for several complex rezoning cases.

Bud Cassidy, the borough’s community development director, says the first special meeting came about as a request from lodge owners and residents in Larsen Bay over current property zoning.

(Cassidy 1 :20s “…community should grow.”)

With Larsen Bay’s community plan now approved by the borough assembly, the cases requesting rezoning from residential to business will now be brought up in the agenda for another special meeting with the planning and zoning commission.

(Cassidy 2 :20s “…there in May.”)

Cassidy says the commission will base their decision whether to rezone a lot or not, on the newer community development plan map, along with the community’s goals and values. He says what needs to be cleared up is the use of the terms “lodge”, “bed and breakfast” and “vacation home.”

(Cassidy 3 :30 “…does it have to be in.”)

He notes that lodges in Larsen Bay were previously able to operate with out proper zoning because it was never really an issue or enforced before. The special meeting will address and correct these zoning concerns.

Some residents of Larsen Bay like, Patty Livingston, have worries about losing their Native community to tourism growth. She says she isn’t necessarily against lodges in town, but is against lodges being present in the residential areas.

(Livingston 1 :31s “…small area around our school.”)

She has concerns that if lodges keep buying out residential areas, that their Native community will become extinct.

(Livingston 2 :31s “…our Native people out.”)

Cassidy says the rezoning cases will be reviewed at a date yet to be determined next month in Larsen Bay. None of the lodges that were contacted and located in Larsen Bay wished to comment for this story.

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