KHS Students Will Have More Classroom Time This Year


Mary Donaldson/KMXT

Kodiak High School students will be gaining more classroom hours this school year as a result of a schedule change.

For years, students had an early release every Friday, but Principal Bill Watkins changed the Friday afternoon schedule back to a full day, with the exception of the first Friday of every month, when students will still get an early release. He says they made the change to allow more time for faculty to meet outside the classroom.

(Early Out 1 :58s “…instructional time for students.”)

The increase in instruction time for students is the result of having three Fridays in a month run until 3:10 p.m. Watkins says even though they are gaining more time in the classroom, he won’t add any additional vacation time for students.

(Early Out 2 :25s “…summer break at all.”)

The first early release day is Friday (today) at 11:25 in the morning, which is a change from the former early release time of 2 o’ clock.


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