Kodiak Residents Wonder If Palin Is Ready


Jay Barrett/KMXT

It’s been less than two weeks that Alaskans have lived with the news that our governor would be running for vice president of the United States. Now that the initial shock has worn off, what do folks in Kodiak think of Sarah Palin’s nomination? That was the subject on yesterday’s Talk of the Rock with Jay Barrett, who files this story:

Shock, awe, pride and doubt – those are just some of the reactions pretty much every Alaskan had at the news of Palin’s selection. Toby Sullivan, a Kodiak-based freelance writer, said his feelings ran the gamut a week ago when Palin gave her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention:

(Toby 1 29 sec “… some pride and some mixed emotion about that.”)

Bob Brodie, the head of the Kodiak Republican Party, said he thought Palin made a very good impression at the convention:

(Bob Brodie 2 20 sec “… a very genuine reception for her.”)

He added that since Palin is so new to the national scene, he’s not surprised at the level of buzz and scrutiny she’s generating:

(Bob Brodie 1 22 sec “… for Governor Palin to be vice president.”)

Despite his admiration, Brodie rejects the idea that Palin is the second coming of the last Republican to generate so much excitement, Ronald Reagan:

(Bob Brodie 3 24 sec “… so I think it’s a bit of a stretch.”)

Scott Griffin called in and said he was initially disappointed that Palin took the job offer, saying he thought this isn’t the best time to change governors:

(Scott Griffin 33 sec “… and I do respect that.”)

He added that this might be the first time in his life that he’s excited to see a vice-presidential debate.

CeCe Esparza said she was worried that Palin might be easily manipulated if she somehow was forced to take over the top job:

(CeCe 25 sec “… be it conservative or whatever.”)

Mike Milligan warned not to believe the polling out there, because it does not include younger people who only have cell phones. He also said that despite Palin’s inclusion on the ticket, he believes the Republicans are scrambling:

(Mike Milligan 23 sec “… they know that Saddam wasn’t involved.”)

Rhonda Maker was a supporter of Palin’s two years ago when she was seeking the governorship:

(Rhonda Maker 34 sec “… and there’s no way I would vote for her.”)

Sullivan said Palin is somehow uniquely designed for the job she has:

(Toby 2 28 sec “… for a politician, and she’s got it.”)

The race that Palin is in will be over on November 4th, and win or lose, the statewide stage will unlikely be able to contain her in the future.

I’m Jay Barrett.


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