Registration Deadline Today


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Today (Friday) is the deadline to register to vote in the Kodiak Municipal Election on October 7. Technically, the deadline is on Sunday, but to sign-up in person with a registrar at the city or borough clerks’ offices, the effective deadline is 5 p.m. Friday when their offices close.

City of Kodiak Clerk Debbie Marlar says the requirements are simple, but specific:

(Voter Register 1 20 sec “… at least 30 days before the city election.”)

She says holding a post office box in the city is not enough to be eligible to vote:

(Voter Register 2 38 sec “… be able to vote in the city election.”)

Marlar says she occasionally gets calls from borough residents who live outside city limits, wanting to vote in city elections:

(Voter Register 3 13 sec “… borough residents, but we’re not all city residents.”)

Seats on the Kodiak City Council, Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and School Board, as well as a handful of service area seats will be on the ballot during the Kodiak Municipal Election, just about a month from now.


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