September Is Energy Efficiency Month


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Governor Sarah Palin announced just last week that September is Energy Efficiency Month in the state of Alaska. Mary Donaldson has more.

In addition to Governor Sarah Palin’s recent actions in her short-term energy plan, like the energy resource rebate, she has added a special meaning to the month of September to try and shape the minds of Alaskan’s and how they use their energy. Sharon Leighow is Deputy Press Secretary for the governor and says that energy efficiency month came about in light of the rising costs of energy as winter is approaching.

(Leighow 1:31s“…and breaking.”)

Leighow says it’s kind of like a call to action to raise public awareness on all the small things they can do to conserve energy. She uses residents of Juneau as an example, and what they did in reaction to the avalanche knocking out the city’s power.

(Leighow 2:19s“…lights off at the capital.”)

Juneau residents were also found to be conserving energy in similar ways with the sudden increase in energy prices.

Cary Bolling is an Energy Specialist for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, and helped the governor and her office brainstorm a list of 10 simple things Alaska residents can do to conserve energy this winter.

(Bolling 11:00“…to those devices.”)

Leighow says more information will be offered as the month continues. Any events or activities that may be planned for Alaska’s newly dubbed Energy Efficiency month can be found on the State’s website, along with the list of energy conservation tips.

I’m Mary Donaldson.


HOST TAG: You can find the link to the State of Alaska’s conservation link here.

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