Stevens Warns Gravy Train Won’t Last Forever


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Legislative priorities were the topic of much of the discussion at the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly’s work session Thursday night. Kodiak Senator Gary Stevens was in attendance to hear the assembly members’ concerns for the session that starts in January.

The condition of state roads in the borough were at the top of Assemblyman Reed Oswalt’s list of concerns:

(Roads 1 42 sec “I can’t believe … Because that’s what’s needed.”)

Oswalt singled out Rezanof Drive West, which leads out of downtown towards the Coast Guard Base, Bell’s Flats and beyond. He said on the first hill out of town, the ruts are 3-and-a-half-inches deep:

(Roads 2 24 sec “As far as I’m concerned … down just the same as Mission.”)

Stevens responded that he found money to resurface the state portion of Mission Road, and work should be done before winter sets in. But, he said there are no plans currently to address the portion of Rezanof Oswalt mentioned.

Stevens pointed out that with a reduction in revenue from federal fuel taxes, and an anti-earmark climate in Washington D.C., it might be difficult to get road projects funded in the future:

(Roads 3 46 sec “As you know … but we’ll have to find a way to do that.”)

Stevens went on to warn the assembly that the state won’t be rolling in money forever, noting that a barrel of Alaska crude oil closed Thursday at under 100 dollars for the first time since the spring.


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