Assembly Unveils Spiffy New Laptops


Jay Barrett/KMXT

0 < ![endif]--> When the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly members sat down at their work session last night, almost all of them, for the first time, had their new H-P Notebook computers in front of them.

Assemblyman Jerrol Friend says the notebooks will allow the borough to save money on printing and copying costs, among other things:

(Boro 1 22 sec “We’ve had them for awhile … tying to do our part.”)

Friend and Assemblywoman Louise Stutes say having packets and minutes on the computer’s hard drive is more than just convenient:

(Boro 2 33 sec “It’s set up so you can … it mastering me. (laughter)”

Borough Clerk Nova Javier says that to update the assembly’s computers all she has to do is upload the new information and whenever the computers are connected online, that information is automatically downloaded onto them. She says agendas, minutes, and back up information are all available, and soon the comprehensive plan and even the borough code will be at the assemblymembers’ fingertips.

Javier said another benefit of the notebooks is they will help protect the assemblymembers’ privacy, while allowing for easier access to borough records:

(Boro 3 22 sec “The good thing about this … borough-related e-mails.”)

The notebook computers, slightly smaller than a normal laptop, also feature a rotating screen, which assemblymembers can write on with a built-in stylus. That allows them to annotate their paperwork without it actually having to be on paper. Javier says they cost about 1,800-dollars each, and remain the property of the borough.

She added that next week’s regular meeting of the assembly could be the last where each of them is given a paper packet.


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