Bear Killed At City Runway

Jay Barrett/KMXT

ADF&G biologist Larry Van Daele said this afternoon that officers from Fish and Game and Kodiak Police Department euthanized that bear that had been hanging around at the Municipal Airport on Mill Bay Road. The bear had been frequenting the vicinity all summer and recently became bolder in its attempts to get human food and garbage from nearby homes and businesses. Van Daele says that during the past few days it was active throughout daylight hours and did not respond to hazing or other attempts to keep it away from people.

Meat from the bear was distributed amongs elders in Kodiak, the throat was collected by the Alutiiq Museum for use in traditional handicrafts, the head was sent to Washington State University for on-going research on bear brain physiology, and the hide will be sold at the Fur Rendezvous Auction in Anchorage.

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