Kodiak C-130 Crew Visits Kotzebue

081009.coasty_the_patrol_boat.jpg Doris Thomas, a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Anchorage, shows "Coastie the Patrol Boat" to elementary school children and local community members from Kotzebue Monday. A C-130 crew from Air Station Kodiak also made the trip as part of the Coast Guard’s ongoing efforts to prepare for increased shipping traffic in the Arctic as climate change makes it more possible. (Coast Guard Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Richard Brahm).


Casey Kelly/KMXT

0 < ![endif]--> The Coast Guard in Alaska continues to explore its options for moving operations northward in the face of climate change and increasing shipping traffic through the Arctic.

On Monday, a C-130 crew from Air Station Kodiak flew to Kotzebue, where they looked at a pair of old Air Force hangars to see if they’d be suitable for Coast Guard use.

(Coasties Kotz 1 :03s “…couldn’t fit a C-130 in there.”)

That’s Coast Guard Petty Officer Richard Brahm. Even though the hangars didn’t meet the Coast Guard’s specifications, Brahm says the trip ended up being a success. School kids from Kotzebue were able to take a tour of the C-130.

(Coasties Kotz 2 :08s “…they were having a blast.”)

They Coast Guardsmen were also able to bring out Coastie The Patrol Boat, to teach the kids about water safety.

(Coasties Kotz 3 :17s “…and they loved it too.”)

The Coast Guard has made several trips to the Arctic or near-Arctic regions in the past year. Brahm says reaching out to community members during these trips will help the Coast Guard when they eventually have to move operations into the region permanently.


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