Local Charities Make PFD List


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Seven Kodiak area non-profit organizations have qualified to be included in the first Alaska Permanent Fund Charitable Contribution Program. The plan allows Alaskans who receive a Permanent Fund Dividend to designate any portion of the check to one or more charitable organizations. There were 333 non-profits in Alaska qualified to be listed on the PFD application. The Alaska Giving Coalition released the list Tuesday.

One of the seven organizations here in Kodiak is the Womens’ Resource and Crisis Center. Executive Director Rebecca Shields says the program is a great new way to attract individual contributions to the program.

(Donations 1 16 sec "Well I’m very excited … in the non-profit world.")

Given the sharp increases in the cost of living in the past year, it’s become more difficult not only for individuals and families to survive, but also to operate a 24-hour-a-day organization like the KWRCC.

(Donations 2 35 sec "It’s very scary … win-win prospect for the communities.")

The goal of the PFD Charitable Contributions Program is to increase the number of people who give to Alaska nonprofits, as well as the total amount of charitable dollars that are donated. If every PFD recipient gave even 100-dollars, there would be more than a 50-million dollars more going to non-profits in Alaska.

In addition to the Kodiak Womens’ Resource and Crisis Center, the other Kodiak non-profits in the program are: The Alutiiq Museum, The Baranov Museum, the Humane Society of Kodiak, Public Radio KMXT, the Kodiak Maritime Museum, and Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Inc.

The program became law this summer, and will go into effect with the next PFD application period, which begins on January 1st.


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