Troopers Ask Residents To Be Vigilant


Jay Barrett/KMXT

In the aftermath of the night of arson that destroyed eight automobiles and 10-thousand dollars in construction material and equipment, the Alaska State Troopers are urging residents to be even more watchful and to take steps to discourage vandals in their neighborhoods.

Trooper Sergeant Maurice Hughes:

(Arson Folo 1 20 sec “In their own personal … good deterrent, I believe.”)

The fires that were started in the early hours Tuesday morning were largely in dark neighborhoods, though one car was torched out in the open.

(Arson Folo 2 15 sec “I mean it’s dark … of that vehicle.”)

Over the course of about three hours, one car was set alight in Bell’s Flats, another on Antone Way, and six more on nearby Balika Lane. An unoccupied trailer home’s porch was also set on fire, but the trailer itself was not damaged.

Trooper Hughes is urging anyone with information to let the authorities know.

(Arson Folo 3 16 sec “They could call … be certainly appreciated.”)

The troopers have no leads at the moment for the latest rash of arson fires, or for the rash of Dumpster fires set last month.


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