Mission Road Update


Jay Barrett/KMXT

The saga of Mission Road continues. In mid-summer there were no plans to fix the deteriorated state-owned section of asphalt at all, but by early fall, bids had gone out to repave it. But then, soaring costs of asphalt derailed those plans.

Borough Manager Rick Gifford said state transportation officials have visited, and are now going to Plan B.

(Mission 1 19 sec "My understanding is … to finish the project.")

Jocelyn Balloon, the Kodiak area planner for the Alaska Department of Transportation, says high costs had slowed the project:

(Mission 2 43 sec "There was some money … already out of date.")

Eric Desentis (DEE cent-izz) is a project manger with the DOT’s construction section. He says intent to award the contract to Brechan Enterprises was announced, and an actual bid should be forthcoming:

(Mission 3 32 sec "The pavement’s in pretty … situation for the winter.")

Desentis says the pot-holed asphalt could be ground up and the state portion of Mission could be turned into a gravel road for the winter. Once the award is granted and planning meetings are held with Brechan, he suspect work could be underway in as little as two weeks.


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