Cutter Sherman calls on Kodiak


Erik Wander/KMXT

The Coast Guard Cutter Sherman pulled into Kodiak this week, concluding its 45-day patrol of the Bering Sea. During its most recent mission, the Sherman engaged primarily in red king crab fisheries enforcement, while standing by for search and rescue operations. KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

Captain Matt Bliven, who has been at the helm of the Sherman for one-and-a-half years, described the Sherman’s latest Alaska mission.

(Bliven 1 51 sec "We were assigned … out on the water each day.")

Bliven said the law enforcement crew of the Sherman is primarily trained for counter-narcotics and anti-terrorism missions off the coast of Central and South America and that additional training in fisheries enforcement is required when coming to Alaska.

(Bliven 2 50 sec "We will board … doing the fisheries mission.")

Crewmembers of the Sherman boarded a total of 14 vessels during the patrol, often operating under extreme weather conditions. Bliven said the Sherman was fortunate to encounter only 6 or 7 major storms on the most recent mission.

(Bliven 3 36 sec "When the low pressure … we’re out there as well.")

Bliven said that while the Sherman was prepared to conduct search and rescue operations, no such cases arose during the patrol. The Sherman, which will embark for its homeport of Alameda, California soon, is scheduled to arrive home on December 23, just in time for crewmembers to celebrate Christmas. Bliven said he expects the Sherman to be back in Alaska in the Spring, when it may be involved in patrols along the maritime boundary line. I’m Erik Wander.


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