New Woodfuel Supplier Hopes Business Catches Fire


Erik Wander/KMXT

Kodiak residents in need of firewood for the winter season may have only one option this year. Peter Olsen, who started Kodiak Wood Fuels in October, is entering his first winter season in the firewood business, but few areas of the island remain for people to cut their own firewood. KMXT’s Erik Wander has more.

Olsen’s company is under contract with Lesnoi Incorporated to cut timber from Lesnoi lands and sell it as firewood. However, Olsen said he welcomes business from other timber providers.

(Firewood 1 27 sec "Kodiak Wood Fuels is … a business agreement with me.")

Kodiak Wood Fuels sells split and delivered chords of wood by the truckload at about 220-dollars per chord. Olsen says that to his knowledge his is the only large-volume firewood business in town.

(Firewood 2 23 sec "I know that there are … we’re pretty much it.")

Olsen is proud of Kodiak Wood Fuels’ sustainable policies and said the project is an offshoot of his own re-forestation efforts with Lesnoi.

(Firewood 3 38 sec "We’re very much into … activities in re-forestation.")

An official with the Kodiak district of the Alaska State Parks said there is very little access to state land for people to cut their own firewood, unlike elsewhere in the state. Those wishing to purchase firewood from Kodiak Wood Fuels can place their order online at the organization’s Web site or call. I’m Erik Wander.


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