Wragell Vote Stalls Four-Dam Pool Break Up


Jay Barrett/KMXT

Earlier this week the Wrangell assembly voted 4-to-3 against divesting itself of the Four Dam Pool, throwing the break up of the shared utility into flux. The Four Dam Pool owns Terror Lake, here on Kodiak Island, and Kodiak Electric Association would like to acquire it.

Stosh Anderson is on the KEA board:

(Four Dam 1 41 sec "Where we’re at … will go under way.")

Some Wrangell assembly members were concerned that in the wake of the break up, Ketchikan would wield too much power in the resulting two-dam pool serving those two cities and Petersburg.

Anderson said he thought the differences could be fixed, and he doesn’t blame Wrangell for wanting to protect its rate payers and constituents:

(Four Dam 2 29 sec "Everyone has interests … the best for each entity.")

Kodiak Electric would like ownership of the Terror Lake hydro plant to better meld with the wind turbines going up next summer. Currently KEA is required to give preference to using electricity from Terror Lake before any other method. Since it is a steadier source of power than windmills, KEA would like to use Terror Lake as the back up to the new turbines.

(Four Dam 3 21 sec "That’s part of the issue … to acquire the project.")

The Wrangell Assembly will meet again on Monday afternoon to reconsider the vote to break up the Four Dam Pool.


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